Mental Health


Psychiatric Services in the Greater San Luis Obispo Area and All of California

Offering mental health care to help people find hope and meaning through listening, understanding and connection.

  • In-person appointments available in the greater San Luis Obispo Area
  • Virtual appointments available to all California residents.

Anthony Whall, PA-C, CAQ-PSYCH

I'm Here to Help

My philosophy is straightforward: avoid medication unless necessary, use the lowest effective doses, and choose treatments with minimal side effects, always prioritizing your unique needs. Together, we’ll navigate your journey towards wellness, exploring innovative treatments and making informed decisions to enhance your happiness and productivity.

My Areas of Expertise

If you are in need of support with any of the below conditions – or similar – reach out and we will work together to find the best path forward.

“My methodology in helping you takes into account the number of ways we can foster improvement in your mental health including medication, psychotherapy, and lifestyle choices.”