What My Patients Have to Say

“For the first time in my ‘psychiatric history’ I feel like I’m really seen and really heard. I wish I was referred to him 15 yrs ago. He has me on the right meds for ME and wasn’t satisfied until I was. Dr. Whall is very concerned and attentive at EVERY appointment. I would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you Dr. Whall for helping me feel human and part of society again.”

“Listens carefully, very knowledgeable and takes time with your needs. I am a nurse and I understand that insurance companies force the health industry to push patients through. But Mr. Whall listens carefully and spends the time to get to know you and your needs. This is rare in the medical community.”

“Tony is an excellent Psychiatrist!! He listens and cares. He genuinely tries to help his clients with a wholistic approach. He offers tools to assist with life’s daily challenges. I am so glad to have found him & I highly recommend him to others.”

“Tony is everything you want in a mental health professional: friendly, emphathetic, attentive, prompt, approachable, and genuinely concerned for the patients well being. I’ve had a few mix ups with my pharmacy or with the front office at central coast and Tony’s always been fast and thorough in getting any issues sorted when they crop up. I have (and will continue to) reccomended him to my closest friends.”

“Absolutely I would refer people to Anthony. He is very warm and is an uplifting presence. Anthony is also efficient and responsive, and knows his field. I am grateful to see him.”

“Dr Tony has been an incredible support through my hardest time in life with care and understanding that I know others wouldn’t take the time to give. I appreciate him so much! Great council and fantastic treatment options”

“I have received excellent care under Anthony Wahl for a couple of years. He has simplified my med regimen with good effect (and without relapse of severe depression!!).”

“Anthony always makes me feel very comfortable and open to speaking with him.”

“Tony is amazing! He listens well and is very down to earth and friendly – he has been a huge help to me!”

“Anthony has been really great the entire time I’ve worked with him. I feel like I can definitely trust him and he really cares about his patients. I have had a lot of help for mental health but Anthony has definitely been the most consistent and thoughtful.”

“Anthony Whall is kind and compassionate provider. He is thorough, listens, and works with me to develop the treatment best suited for my changing conditions. I have been a patient for ~one year and am very happy to have found a provider that seems genuinely interested in seeing me well.”